GovDelivery Email Notification and Delivery Service

Thursday, May 14, 2020

GovDelivery Email Notification and Delivery Service


The Court has reactivated its free email subscription service to the public and bar through GovDelivery. This national service permits subscribers to receive email notifications from the Court when new information is available such as news, updates of specific website content and other alerts. You will only receive email updates on topics that you specify.


The Court’s previous ECF Broadcast Email method will be discontinued in the near future. If you want to receive email notifications from the Court, you must subscribe. Email notifications will only be sent through the GovDelivery email service in the near future. 


Important Note: This change in delivering email notifications does not affect Notices of Electronic Filing (NEF), which will continue to be sent directly from CM/ECF.


How GovDelivery Works


The GovDelivery Communications Cloud is a web-based solution that monitors web sites for content updates and automatically generates email alerts when changes are detected on designated web pages of the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee. 


Email alerts go directly to subscribers. As needed, emails also can be sent manually by the Court to subscribers at any time.


To Sign up, Change, or Cancel your Email Subscription


Any verifiable email address is sufficient to subscribe to the GovDelivery email notification service. To subscribe, change a subscription, or cancel a subscription, click the following link: Click here to sign up.


You may unsubscribe at any time.