Honorable Richard Stair Jr.

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09-23-2014; Amy Marie Thompson 13-32603
09-19-2014; Shivshankar Partnership LLC 14-30843
08-21-2014; Hall v. Carter (In re Carter) 13-3094
07-30-2014; Carol Sue Woolman 14-30773
06-18-2014; Ivens Properties, Inc. 13-32471
06-12-2014; ORNL Federal Credit Union v. Hicks (In re Hicks) 12-3066
05-27-2014; Mostoller v. Bowens (In re CWKS Knoxville, Inc.) 13-3048
05-08-2014; Ivens Properties, Inc. 13-32471
04-22-2014; Newton, Trustee v. McKay (In re Cash) 12-3077
04-15-2014; Sean and Sheila Jeter 12-34953
04-08-2014; Schuchardt v. Gandy (In re Gandy) 13-3061
03-31-2014; Mark D. Saroff 09-33666
03-13-2014; Sean and Sheila Jeter 12-34953
02-20-2014; Ivens Properties, Inc.
01-31-2014; Ivens Properties, Inc. 13-32471
01-24-2014; Fitzpatrick v. Allsup, Inc. (In re Stewart) 13-3071
01-23-2014; Sherry Hyland 13-32971
01-07-2014; ORNL Federal Credit Union v. Hicks (In re Hicks) 12-3066
01-07-2014; First Heritage Credit of TN, LLC v. Johnson (In re Johnson) 13-3052
12-20-2013; The Peoples Bank v. Lane (In re Lane) 12-3065
10-31-2013; Ivens Properties, Inc.
10-30-2013; Coleman v. McLean (In re McLean) 12-3057
10-30-2013; Randy and Geneva Perkins 13-31277
10-29-2013; Walker v. Alama (In re Alama) 13-3026
09-30-2013; Lunn Real Estate Investments v Ward (In re Ward) 12-3069