Honorable Suzanne H. Bauknight

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02-12-2019; Thompson v. Belser (In re Belser) 18-3015
02-11-2019; Lisa Diane McKee 18-32585
02-04-2019; Nora Rector Holt 16-32396
01-18-2019; Stooksbury v. Stooksbury (In re Stooksbury) 18-3011
11-06-2018; Sharon Denise Boone 18-30150
09-14-2018; David Lee Roos 17-33815
08-23-2018; Clara Imogene Wright 18-30917
08-23-2018; Pamela Jo Hagstrom 16-31214
08-23-2018; Annette Harris Haynes 16-30352
03-28-2018; Schulz Brau Brewing, LLC et al. v. Evans (In re Evans) 17-3001
03-19-2018; Thomas Trammell 17-32873
03-02-2018; Patricia Rush 16-30084
02-02-2018; Russell v. Heath (In re Heath) 16-3018
02-01-2018; Newton v. Metal Craft Fabrication & Sales, LLC (In re Davis) 17-3007
01-26-2018; Lansden et al. v. Jones (In re Jones) 14-3048
12-22-2017; Perry Dupree 17-32158
12-15-2017; Almasudi v. Ibrahim (In re Ibrahim) 16-3034
09-25-2017; Chapman v. Chapman (In re Chapman) 17-3008
08-11-2017; Pamela Hagstrom et al. 16-31214
08-11-2017; Annette Haynes et al. 16-30352
08-11-2017; Clara Wright et al. 16-30917
08-08-2017; Eva Jean Griffith 17-30434
06-19-2017; Selective Ins. Co. v. Garibay (In re Garibay) 16-3016
06-14-2017; Jefffrey and Connie Newman 16-33533
03-30-2017; Richard and Evelyn Idol 16-33159