• If my claim has been paid, should I file a Withdrawal of Claim?

    No. A withdrawal of claim is typically filed when the claim was filed in error and there are no funds due the creditor from the estate. If you file a withdrawal of claim in a case where you have received distributions from the Trustee, the Trustee’s office will contact you regarding a refund of those funds.

  • At the time of filing my claim, I do not know the amount that is due. How do I enter “Unknown” in the amount for the claim?

    In the amount box, enter: 0.00. Attach documentation to the claim explaining the reason that the 00.00 was entered. Once you know the amount of the claim, file an amended claim.  The amount on the B10 that is produced will state "See Attachments".

  • How do I file a proof of claim?
  • What do I do if I suspect Bankruptcy fraud?

    Please contact the Office of the U.S. Trustee

  • If I file a claim in the wrong case, what do I do?

    Prepare a new document withdrawing the proof of claim and file it using the event “Withdrawal of Claim” on the “Claim Objection/Actions” page under the “Bankruptcy” menu. Never withdraw a claim under the category “File Claims.” This category is for filing proofs of claim only.

  • I represent a debtor and I (or my client) have a conflict on the date that has been set for the 341 meeting. How do I reschedule the meeting?

    First, ask the trustee to reschedule the meeting.

    Second, if the trustee agrees to reschedule the meeting, prepare a notice of the rescheduled meeting stating the date and time of the rescheduled meeting as specified by the trustee. The notice must include a certificate of service showing that you have sent copies to all creditors and other parties in interest requesting notices.

    Third, file the notice, choosing the event “Certificate of Service” under “Other” under the “Bankruptcy” menu, and link it to the entry rescheduling the meeting (which the trustee’s office should have already made). Do not select “Notice of Hearing” as the event type.

  • What do I do if I want to pay a filing fee in installments?

    When you file an application to pay in installments, enter “0.00" in the amount field.

  • How can I find out when I paid a fee?

    Under the “Utilities” menu, under “Your Account” click “Internet Payment History.” Insert the date range and submit.

  • I tried to pay my fee but it says I don’t owe anything.

    Check to see if you have signed on using the same login that you used when you filed the document for which a fee is due. If not, you need to log out and back in under the correct login.

  • Where can I go to pay my outstanding fees?

    Under the “Utilities” menu, under “Your Account” click “Internet Payments Due.”