Unclaimed Funds

What are Unclaimed Funds?

Unclaimed funds are funds held by the court for an owner that has either failed to claim the funds, failed to negotiate a payment of the funds, or cannot be located. Unlike most claims against the government, a claim for unclaimed deposit or registry funds is never extinguished. The claim exists in perpetuity and the funds may be claimed at any time by the owner, a successor, or any other petitioner that proves a right to the funds.

Search the Unclaimed Funds List

You can search for unclaimed funds by clicking on this link: Unclaimed Funds public search list

  1. Select TNEB from the "Court" drop-down list.
  2. To narrow your search, enter other fields in the search utility, as appropriate.
  3. Click on the Search button.

How Do I Claim These Funds?

The U.S. Courts, as custodians of the funds, have established policies and procedures for holding, safeguarding, and accounting for the funds. Click here for the procedures for claiming unclaimed funds from this court and the application (in fillable PDF format). Click here for additional requirements for applicants who are not the owner of record.

Searching for Unclaimed Funds for Other Courts

If you are searching for unclaimed funds at another bankruptcy court, please be aware that each bankruptcy court maintains its own unclaimed funds records. You may be able to use the unclaimed funds public search list to find unclaimed funds records at other bankruptcy courts:

    1.) Unclaimed Funds public search list
    2.) "Court". 
    3.) To narrow your search, enter other fields in the search list, as appropriate.
    4.) Click on the Search button.

The bankruptcy court can provide information regarding the status of and/or application procedures for release of unclaimed funds at their court only.

Need Help?

Please contact the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District of Tennessee's Finance Department for further assistance in recovering the funds at this court:

Financial Specialist - Brent Rhodes

email: brent_rhodes@tneb.uscourts.gov