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Courtroom Technology

The court has equipment integrated into each courtroom for attorney use. During a proceeding, the judge's courtroom deputy is the primary contact for courtroom technology. Please be aware that any requested changes may need to be reviewed and approved by the judge prior to any changes being made. Contact the courtroom deputy with any change requests.

For requests or other help with courtroom technology, please contact the courtroom deputy.  She will contact IT personnel if necessary. Knowing how to use the courtroom's equipment is the attorney's responsibility.


Knoxville Courtroom 1C - For a tutorial on the evidence presentation system, please see the following link.



All courtrooms have teleconference capability integrated into the courtroom technology. You should notify the courtroom deputy well in advance if you need teleconferencing.



Video Conferences

Video conference equipment is available in select courtrooms. The court also has the portable video conference unit that can be put into other locations. Please check with the courtroom deputy if you need video conferencing.