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Winchester Calendars

Information for Participating in Hearing by Telephone if Permission Granted by Presiding Judge



Hearings Set
The following are the dockets for some of the matters already set. Complete dockets are placed on this website two business days before the scheduled hearing date and are not thereafter updated to indicate added or deleted matters. Current, up-to-date dockets may always be obtained from Pacer.



Available Hearing Dates
Mondays are the court’s motion days. The following are the court’s presently scheduled motion days, times, and locations.  Absent permission from the court, you must use these dates and the applicable time and location if you need to set a hearing as required by E.D. Tenn. LBR 9013-1(f).
          Courtroom Deputy for Judge Whittenburg – Sheri Lowe at (423) 752-5260
          Courtroom Deputy for Chief Judge Rucker – Tanya D. English at (423) 752-5104


ADVERSARY PROCEEDINGS: A motion filed in an adversary proceeding that requires a hearing will be scheduled by chambers, and the court will issue an order setting the hearing.

CONTESTED MATTERS: should be noticed for the times, courtroom, and location as indicated below using the form of notices required by E.D. Tenn. LBR 9013-1(f):


FOR HEARINGS THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2021, MATTERS SHOULD BE NOTICED FOR SECOND FLOOR COURTROOM on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month as indicated below. BEGINNING OCTOBER 2021, COURT WILL ONLY BE HELD IN PERSON ON THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH.  The third Monday will be reserved for Winchester hearings but only by permission of the presiding Judge.




9:00 A.M. (CST) Standing Chapter 13 Trustee motions to dismiss for non-payment


9:30 A.M. (CST) All other matters

Available Dates

08-15-2022 (Emergency hearings only w/permission of presiding Judge)
09-06-2022 Tuesday
09-19-2022 (Emergency hearings only w/permission of presiding Judge)
10-17-2022 (Emergency hearings only w/permission of presiding Judge)
11-21-2022 (Emergency hearings only w/permission of presiding Judge)
12-05-2022 (Emergency hearings only w/permission of presiding Judge)